Manzi ndi moyo - Water is life

Makolekole Drilling Ltd – bringing clean, safe water to the remote communities of the Luangwa Valley Zambia.

In the remote villages of Zambia’s Luangwa Valley thousands of families still do not have access to safe, clean water. Women and children in rural villages often travel miles to find water in rivers or shallow wells. Collecting water from rivers is potentially dangerous not only because the water is not clean but the risk of injury and death from crocodiles, elephants and other wild animals is very real; every year lives are lost.

Luckily, the solution here in the Luangwa Valley is extremely simple – communal boreholes equipped with sturdy,’ low tech’ hand pumps.

Our lightweight drilling rig is designed to access the most remote villages in the alluvial riverine areas which are hard to reach and for which conventional heavy rigs are unsuitable.